Symmetric Designs manufactures cervical collars, wheelchair headrests and mobility accessories together with knee and elbow orthoses. Distributors in 20 countries can be found on the link above, together with links to our company details and how to contact us.

   Our fine products have a wide range of application to chronic and acute disabilities, ranging from Torticollis and Brain Injuries to ALS, Spinal Cord Injuries and Arthritis. Scroll through the tabs above to see our products in detail. We look forward to hearing from you!

Headmaster Collar - cervical collar, neck brace that provides excellent support with a low profile

Headmaster Collar

TOT Collar - an easy to use and effective therapy aid for torticollis

TOT Collar

Twin Headrest Mounting Hardware

!NEW! Twin Headrest Mounting Hardware

Canadian Serial Knee Orthosis

Serial Knee & Elbow Orthoses

Savant Headrest Modeled Three Quarter Rear View

Savant & Standard Headrests

Axion Rotary Interface - NEW!

 Axion Rotary Interface


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RehaCare Dusseldorf 2014

Messe Dusseldorf

September 24-27, 2014

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