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Lateral Upper Body Support

Strong, versatile and easy to adjust lateral support.


The L.U.B.S. system is an innovative new approach to lateral support that can be mounted on any wheelchair backrest or to the wheelchair canes.

Engineered from stainless steel and aluminum alloys, L.U.B.S. provides strong and secure 360 degrees of pad positioning AND contouring to ensure support is exactly where it needs to be. 

The L.U.B.S. swing-away hardware features a unique pivoting height-adjustment support arm for the support pad. This feature allows adjustment of the support pad without changing the mounting point on the wheelchair backrest or wheelchair cane. The swing-away locking home position can also be adjusted inwards or outwards. 

L.U.B.S. 360˚ Planar

​Five different size pads are available that feature an aluminum plate embedded into high density foam.  

Each pad is mounted on a stainless steel ball and provides 360˚ of adjustment.
Easily adjust the height, angle and depth of the pad without having to change where the hardware is mounted to the backrest.

L.U.B.S. Free Form

LUBS Free Form pads provide a mouldable solution for trunk support.
Available in 5 pre-configured arrays and with custom options also available.
Each Free Form array comes with a padded cover.

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