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Wheelchair tray and accessory system.

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Solutions for an Active Lifestyle


The ADA Lap Wheelchair Tray and Accessory System is designed to assist wheelchair users in everyday tasks and allow them to be more active in their everyday lives.  There is no other wheelchair tray and accessory system on the market that offers the convenience, ease of use and as many different attachments as the ADA Lap.


The ADA Lap (pronounced "add-a-lap") wheelchair tray accessory system slides right under the seat cushion. The lightweight base is very durable and easy to use. No nuts or bolts - just sturdy, adjustable and convenient access to all the wheelchair accessories you'll ever need.


The Base is held in place by the weight of the user, although pre-drilled holes in the flange allow for permanent mounting to the seat pan if desired.  
Height adjustment is by a quick release clamp and the vertical pole is easily removable for transfer. The Base can be flipped over vertically for lower clearance for the legs.


The ADA Lap adjusts to fit most users. It can be mounted at the front or at the side of the wheelchair.



  • Fits many wheelchairs, regardless of width

  • Does not wear out arm pads

  • Does not impede wheel access

  • Great for facilities (share between users)

  • Low profile and lightweight

  • Many attachment options 

Wheelchair Tray

Base Unit


Item #: ADA 01


The easy to use base simply slides under the wheelchair cushion.  It is held in place by the weight of the user. Pre-drilled holes in the flange allow for permanent mounting if desired.  Height adjustment is by a quick release clamp and the vertical pole is easily removeable for transfer. The base plate can be flipped over for extra clearance when transferring.

Wheelchair Tray
A Snap Lap desk

SNAP Lap Desk


Item #: ADA LD


A small attached case that opens to contain your papers, pens etc., yet doubles as a desk.  Use with a non-slip surface for keeping control of slippery objects.  No more juggling items on your lap!


Use with the Base Unit.

A tube

Extension Poles


ADA PL-12 & ADA PL-18


Available in either 12 inch (30cm) or 18 inch (45 cm) lengths, Extension Poles have an insert for camera mounts/tripods, umbrella holders, angle adapters as well as fishing rod holders. Simply slide the Base Unit's vertical attachment pole out and replace it with the Extension Pole.

Angle Adapter

Angle Adapter


Item #: ADA AA


This versatile angle adapter comes with a removable top plate surfaced with velcro.  It can be used to angle trays, the SNAP Lap Desk or anything you mount on your ADA Lap Base Unit.


For use with an Extension Pole.

Lexan Tray

Lexan Tray


Item #: ADA TR


This 10" x 12" (25cm x 30cm) strong polycarbonate tray provides a firm transparent surface.  Ideal for writing.


Use with the Base Unit

Black Meal Tray

Food Tray


Item #: ADA FT


With a lightly textured bottom and curved lip, this 11" x 14"  (28cm x 36cm) sturdy tray will keep drinks and plates from sliding off. Also great for containing any small objects that may roll or slide on a flat surface. Use with the Base Unit.

Wheelchair Fishing
Fishing Rod Holder

Fishing Rod Holders


Item #: ADA FW (fresh water)

Item #: ADA SW (salt water)


Go fishing with this great rod holder!  The rod holder plugs into the extension tube of the ADA Lap Base.


For use with an Extension Pole

Camera Mount Tripod

Camera Mount


Item #: ADA CM

The ADA Lap camera/video mount/tripod allows small height adjustments using a hand crank, as well as allowing camera tilt function. This camera mount can be used with or without the Angle Adapter, or freestanding.

For use with an Extension Pole.

Wheelchair Umbrella



Item #: ADA UC (connector only)


Item #: ADA UB  (umbrella and connector)


The ADA Lap Umbrella connector can be screwed into a pre-drilled hole in any wooden handled umbrella.


Also available preinstalled with umbrella.


For use with an Extension Pole.

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