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Savant Head Positioning

Custom gel head support.

Now containing 25% softer gel + stiffer lower support arms

A smiling child with their head resting in a Savant Headrest

The Savant Headrest™ is custom mouldable gel support for the head.  

Cool, light-weight and easily shaped by hand.



*Savant + Carbon Cover

The Carbon Cover is a new option for the Savant that offers a durable and low-shear material which reduces friction from head movement. The Carbon Cover can be easily wiped with a cleaning solution or disinfectant to maintain a clean and low-profile head positioning device.

The Savant + Carbon Cover offers the same custom gel head-positioning as the original Savant but with the added benefit of reduced friction and easy infection control.

A Savant Headrest mounted on a Twin Headrest Hardware
Carbon Fibre


  • low profile headband gives anterior support

  • quick release buckles hold the headband in place 

  • high Lateral Pads give effective lateral flexion control

  • mid-Lateral Pads are shaped for comfort behind the ears

  • sub-Occipital Pads form extra support below the occiput

  • the pads are filled with a soft silicone gel for comfort

  • the Savant is covered with a soft and durable nylon/lycra knit fabric

Wheelchair Head Support
Wheelchair Head Support

Benefits for the Fitter:

  • easy to fit (headrest can be shaped by hand)

  • attaches to standard three point hardware

  • optional use of headband (included) for additional anterior support

  • the pads are easily reshaped by hand

Benefits for the Wearer and/or Caregiver:

  • cool and comfortable 

  • allows for air circulation

  • low profile; unobtrusive appearance

  • easy to keep clean (sponge clean with soap and water, then air dry)

  • total control for the head

Wheelchair Headrest

Options and Accessories

Option and Accessories

In addition to the three sizes, Savant Head Positioning also offers three configurations of the arm supports. A forehead positioning strap is always included. 

Please contact us for the part number of the size and configuration required.

Wheelchair Headrest

Side Pads

To be used for increased temporal support. These pads are ready to be bolted on. The Savant has pre-threaded holes ready to mount the pads.

A side pad
Wheelchair Headrests
A smiling woman wearing a Savant Headrest with a Forehead Strap across her forehead

Forehead Strap

The quick release forehead strap is rigid and will not fall down over the eyes. It is included with every Savant.

The soft forehead strap pad is breathable and soft. The strap is nylon and the pad has soft lycra covering air mesh. It can be machine washed and replaced as necessary.

The buckles can be removed if the strap is not required. 

Savant Head Positioning

Savant Sizing

Savant Sizing


A table showing Adult sizes
A table showing Adult sizes on headrest


A table showing Small sizes
A table showing Small sizes on headrest


A table showing Pediatric sizes
A table showing Pediatric sizes on headrest
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