Axion Rotary Interface

Lateral rotation for your headrest.


The Axion Rotary Interface for Wheelchair Headrests can be attached to most headrests and hardware.  It allows headrests to freely rotate, improving the function of the user and reducing shearing on the rear of the head.  Compatible with Stealth, Whitmeyer, Netti and Ottobock Headrest Pads.

The Axion is available in three versions, to fit two sizes of balls (1" (25mm),  3/4" (19mm) and to fit Snug Seat (R82) hardware and headrests.


Each version is available for 60 or 90 degrees of rotation.

How it works

The curved rail of the Axion rotates with the headrest to prevent trapping between the rail and the headrest. The Axion-90 rail is longer than the

Axion-60 rail. 

This longer rail may project beyond the edge of smaller headrests. 

If in doubt, choose the Axion-60 series.


The Axion comprises the base, curved rail and ball on a stem.

The rail rotates with the headrest.  The base remains stationary. 

The knob underneath permits locking at any position of rotation.


The rotation is 30° each way for the Axion-60 and 45° each way for the Axion-90.



The Axion is available in six versions, to fit two sizes of balls, the Snug Seat (R82) hardware and two ranges of rotation.


Axion 6019 and Axion 9019 - fit a 19mm (3/4") ball

Axion 6025 and Axion 9025 - fit a 25mm (1") ball

Axion 60R82 &  Axion 90R82 - fit the Snug Seat (R82) hardware


(19mm fits Whitmyer headrests & hardware, 25 mm fits Otto Bock style)


Axion-60 series permits a total rotation of 60 degrees

Axion-90 series permits a total rotation of 90 degrees



The Axion is fitted between the wheelchair headrest and the hardware.

Move the Axion fully left or right to access holes in mounting collar.














Once fully rated left or right, you will be able to attach the headrest to the ball of the Axion.















Mount the Axion to the headrest hardware.


















Attach the mounted Axion to the hardware on the wheelchair.


















The headrest should follow the head freely as it rotates.
















The Axion may be used on a wide variety of headrests, including Stealth, Whitmeyer, Netti and Ottobock.

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