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Free Form Seating

Complex Seating. Simplified.

Now HCPCS coded in the USA E2617 and E2609

Person in front of a museum sitting in a wheelchair outfitted with a Free Form Back

Custom seating that will always fit, always adjust and always support. 

Free Form Seating provides a custom wheelchair seating solution that will change as a person's weight fluctuates, as they develop a need for more or less support and as young people grow. Free Form Seating is a true custom wheelchair seating system that can be fitted and changed anywhere and at anytime.

Modular Custom Seating

custom wheelchair seating

Why it works:


  • Allows for gradual corrective positioning

  • Adapts to weight fluctuations

  • Grows with the person

  • Modules can be removed or recessed for total off-loading

  • Lightweight and breathable 

  • Accommodate a kyphosis, scoliosis, lordosis and many shapes

  • Adapters for different wheelchairs and surfaces

  • Cover with the most appropriate cover and padding for your client

  • Back Kits, custom shapes or sheets for assembly into any shape

  • Dampens vibration and gives some dynamic movement


Back Kits. Fit Kits. 
Custom Configurations.

Why choose Free Form?

  • Low profile

  • Breathable

  • Infinitely adjustable 

  • Available in Back Kits, Fit Kits or Custom Shapes

  • Durable (5 year warranty on hardware)

  • Can be adjusted anywhere

  • custom wheelchair seating

    Additional fitting videos, mounting instructions and techniques can be found here:

    Low Back, High Back and Full Body Wheelchair Seating, shown before the covering/padding is installed.

    custom wheelchair seating
    custom wheelchair seating
    custom wheelchair seating
    2 people on an oceanfront boardwalk under a cloudy sky, one person walking the other in a wheelchair outfitted with a Free Form Back
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