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Headrest Mounting 

Versatile and innovative headrest mounting solutions. 

Apex Dual Offset
Dynamic +
Forward Flex
Twin Flip +
Infinity Link
Twin Hardware
New Product!
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Shoulder harness mounting made easy.

The Strapparatus provides versatile mounting options for shoulder harness buckles. It can also act as a strap guide. 

With height and width adjustment, shoulder harness straps can be positioned exactly where they need to. 

The slim mounting bracket can attach to our round or 15mm square headrest hardware. 

Part: STRP or STRP SQ15

Twin Headrest Mounting Hardware

The Twin Headrest Mounting Hardware is the only Headrest Mounting Hardware that is truly universal.

A unique telescoping feature allows fine positioning of the headrest without tools. Convenient for family and caregivers. 

Vertical stem is 11" (28cm) long. This hardware allows a headrest pad to be positioned approximately 10" forward from the backrest. 

This Hardware Assembly can be used with all our Headrests and any headrest that accepts a 1" (25mm) ball.

The mounting ball can be switched to accommodate Whitmyer, Stealth and other headrest pads.

By request, handles can be ​provided for tool-less positioning of the pivot arm.



Two Ball Sizes Available

Tool-free Depth Adjustment 

Locking Collar

11" Stem

Twin featuring Flip +

The Twin Headrest Hardware with Flip + moves the headrest out of the way quickly and easily while staying attached to the wheelchair eliminating misplacement.

An excellent solution for lift transfers. 

The spring loaded locking collar is clearly labeled and easily slides to allow the headrest to move rearward.

When locked, the vertical post is rigid with no wiggle.

TWIN FLIP+ is now available with a 15mm square riser or standard round riser tube. 


Compatible with Dynamic + (Part: TWIN DYN-FLIP)

Dynamic +
Twin featuring Dynamic +

The Twin Headrest Hardware with Dynamic+ provides tone deflection and controlled horizontal movement of the headrest. Force absorption protects the client, their hardware and accommodates extensor tone.

The spring tension is available in firm or soft and can be changed at any time without tools. Firm is the default tension and if a softer travel is required, the softer spring can be installed.  


The Dynamic + feature can be turned on or off by turning the knob, providing a

rigid or dynamic headrest mount.


Compatible with Flip + (Part: TWIN DYN-FLIP)

Dynamic Spring copy.png
Twin Forward Flex Mounting Hardware

The Twin Forward Flex hardware has all the same great features as our Twin Hardware, then adds extended range to ​allow headrests to be mounted 17" (43cm) forward of the backrest.

Ideal for accommodating a kyphotic posture. 


Forward Flex is compatible with FLIP + (Part: TWIN FLIP-FLEX)

Forward Flex
Infinity Link
Infinity Link

Infinity Link Hardware is an incredibly versatile solution for mounting headrests. Strong and rigid design allows infinite adjustability.

More links can be added for more reach. 

Infinity Link is super lightweight, low profile and easy to adjust.

Precision machined from aerospace grade alloy. 

Part: INF HH

Extra pair of links Part: INF LINK

Infinity Link copy.png
Infinity Link w_Apex Pad.jpg
APEX Dual Offset
APEX Dual Offset

APEX Dual Offset Headrest Hardware is a sleek, versatile and very lightweight solution to mounting headrest pads.

Precision machined from aircraft grade alloy, APEX Dual Offset 

is half the weight of comparable steel headrest hardware.


The offset vertical and horizontal posts can be switched as needed. 

The vertical post is 13.5" (34cm). The horizontal post is 9" (23cm).


21455T copy.png
21448T copy.png
Clinical Headrest Mounting Adapter 
Clinical Headrest Adapter

The Clinical Headrest Mounting Adapter allows headrests to be mounted to wheelchairs with upholstery or fabric backrests. The quick-release knobs allow for removal of the Adapter so the wheelchair can be folded. Available in three width ranges, from 14" to 20" (36cm - 51cm).


CHAL  Fits wheelchairs: 46cm-51 cm (18" -20")

CHAM Fits wheelchairs: 41cm-46 cm (16" -18")

CHAS  Fits wheelchairs: 36cm-41cm (14" -16")

Mount a headrest to a wheelchair with an upholstery or fabric backrest.

Clinical Headrest Adapter
Universal Headrest Mounting Plate 

The Universal Headrest Mounting Plate can be mounted to any backrest (including Free Form) and has pre-threaded holes for many manufacturer's headrest mounting brackets.


Whitmyer Adapter


This adapter allows all our headrests, including the Savant, to be fitted to 3/4" ball (19mm) Whitmyer mounting hardware and 5/8" (17mm) Stealth hardware.

Part: WA-19



Netti Adapter


This adapter allows all our headrests, including the Savant, to be fitted to Netti mounting hardware. The NA-150  is 150mm long.  The NA-250 is 250mm long.

Part: NA-150 and NA-250



Snug Seat/R82 Adapters


These adapters allow Snug Seat / R82 headrests and hardware to be fitted to the Savant Headrest; and Twin and Axion Hardware.

Part: SSR82   Snug Seat Hardware to Savant Headrest

Part: SS-R82-25  Snug Seat Headrest to Twin Hardware

Use both parts to interface Snug Seat to Axion to Snug Seat Hardware

Download Headrest Hardware and Adapter Instruction Manual: 

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