Infinity Link Mounting Kits

Accessory mounting for phones, tablets and more. 

Engineered using the highest quality materials to provide a versatile solution for mounting phones, tablets, communication devices, switches and many other items. 

The Infinity Link System uses carbon fibre rods and high strength aluminum links to allow accessories to be mounted to flat surfaces, tubes and tracks. 

Preconfigured Kits (comes with 7" arm):

  • Phone Kit with tube mount

  • Phone Kit with suction mount 

  • Phone Kit with track mount

  • Tablet Kit with Tube Mount

  • Tablet Kit with Suction Mount

  • Tablet Kit with Track Mount


  • Switch Kit with Tube Mount

  • Switch Kit with Suction Mount

  • Switch Kit with Track Mount

Swith Mount_ Track Mount.png
Tube Mount Bracket 3.jpg
Suction Base.jpg
Carbon Rod.jpg




Phone Holder.jpg
Swith Mount_ Track Mount.png
Tablet Mount Bracket.jpg