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Infinity Link Mounting Kits

Versatile solutions for mounting phones, tablets, communication devices, switches and many other items. 


The Infinity Link System uses carbon fibre rods* and high strength alloy links to allow accessories to be mounted to flat surfaces, tubes and tracks. 

*Track Mount Kit include alloy rods rather than carbon fibre. 

Nine Pre-configured Kits. Tube Mount Kits and Suction Mount Kits include 7" arm.
Track Mount Kits include two alloy arms and either fixed or removable hardware.

  • Phone Kit with tube mount - INF PHTU

  • Phone Kit with suction mount - INF PHSU 

  • Phone Kit with track mount - INF PHTR

  • Tablet Kit with Tube Mount - INF TATU

  • Tablet Kit with Suction Mount - INF TASU

  • Tablet Kit with Track Mount - INF TATR


  • Switch Kit with Tube Mount - INF SWTU

  • Switch Kit with Suction Mount - INF SWSU

  • Switch Kit with Track Mount - INF SWTR 


Supports tablets and  communication devices 9"- 11".


Options for tube mounting, wheelchair seat tracks and tables.


Mount nearly any phone, no matter the device’s size or if it’s in a case.


Easy 360 degree positioning with knobs.


Three mounting options. 


Tube Mount

Suction Mount

Track Mount

Three accessory options. 


Switch Mount
(Switch not included)


Phone Mount


Tablet Mount

Additional parts available. 

  • 7" Carbon Fibre Arm 

  • 10" Carbon Fibre Arm

  • Infinity Link assembly (Includes inner and outer link, centre knob)

  • 10" Alloy Arm

  • Tablet Holder

  • Phone Holder

  • Switch Mounting Plate

  • Suction Mount

  • Tube Mount

  • Track Mount 

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