Breathable and light materials allow heat and air flow. 

Gel infused foam or Stimulite™ padding provides 

cool cushioning. 

Removable cover with 4-way stretch for comfort.

The most versatile quick release hardware with intuitive design.

Respira Backs elevate you to a whole new level of performance and support. Wherever you go, you'll get there in style and comfort.

Constructed from premium materials, Respira intersects style and function in a durable and lightweight support. Engineered to keep you cool and comfortable so you can focus on what's in front of you. We've got your Back. 

Bullet Mount - The most versatile hardware ever.

The unique ball mount system provides 360º adjustment. Even with limited dexterity, the Bullet locks in with an affirmative locking latch. 

Ultra soft covers featuring a unique 4-way stretch lycra and spacer mesh construction. Low shear, soft and breathable. No zippers 

Gel Foam or upgrade to Stimulite™

Matte black or gloss white aluminum shell. 

The most streamlined lateral support hardware. The unique release button allows a swing away with a locking latch that engages automatically. The ultra low-profile mounting rod gives a substantial range of pad positioning. 

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Our products should only be prescribed and fitted by qualified health care professionals. Our products are not transport tested or approved for transport and we do not recommend they are used during transport. Custom wheelchair seating cannot be transport approved. Use of our products is at the user or caregiver's own risk. Users of our products should be supervised at all times.

Failure to comply with these warnings could result in serious bodily harm.