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Designed to breathe. Engineered to perform.

Respira Wheelchair Backrest

Active (Li-Ion Fan) and passive ventilation through padding and cover.

Silver thread covers eliminate funghi, bacteria and viruses.

Cooling gel-infused perforated memory foam or Stimulite™ Honeycomb.

Sport and Comfort models for different lifestyles.

Two trim options.

Wheelchair Backrest
Wheelchair Backrest


Stimulite™ padding with Spacetex Silver cover. 


 Perforated cooling gel-foam with stretch 3D air mesh cover.

Optional Bolt-Action quick release mounting hardware.

The unique ball & socket mount system provides 360 degree adjustment. The Bolt-Action (BA) stainless steel lever securely locks in the backrest.


Wheelchair Backrest

Grey anodized aerospace-grade alloy shell.

Space Grey shells provide 22% less heat retention than black backrests when exposed to direct sunlight. 

Wheelchair Backrest

Breathable covers designed for exceptional performance.

Comfort Covers utilize 3-layer construction to enhance air flow and reduce friction. Sport Covers utilize silver thread air mesh to kill bacteria and keep you cool.  

Wheelchair Backrest

Microclimate control. 

The optional lithium ion powered fan circulates air through the padding and cover, dissipating heat and moisture for a healthy microclimate.

Respira Airflow_edited.png

The lightest, coolest and most ventilated alloy backrest available.

Wheelchair Backrest

The oval hole pattern is engineered to dissipate heat and minimize weight. All without sacrificing strength or durability. 
The ventilation holes dissipate heat and moisture, providing a healthier microclimate for improved skin integrity.

Respira Wheelchair Backrest

Michelle Stilwell

Six-time Paralympic gold medalist in basketball and track. Nine-time world champion and record holder in the 100m, 200m and 800m. 

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