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Silver air mesh with Stimulite™ padding.

Pressure relief

Honeycomb's cellular structure provides uniform load distribution and extraordinary comfort. An added health benefit, the honeycomb cells flex and compress with movement, stimulating blood flow to enhance circulation.

An animated honeycomb pattern with waves and ripples flowing over it

Shock absorption

The widespread use of aerospace honeycomb in structures of commercial and military jet aircraft attests to its excellent shock-absorbing capabilities. 

Diagram showing how Supracor diffuses pressure for people sitting on it

Silver Embedded Air-mesh Covers

Supracor Stimulite™ with Spacetex Silver covers eliminate bacteria and odours. Silver also helps with internal heat regulation and circulation.

Air mesh cover close up

Optimum Strength-to-Weight Ratio

The alternating thick and thin cellular walls make honeycomb both strong and lightweight. It's cellular matrix is over 90% open space.

Blue futuristic looking Honeycomb pattern


Ultra-soft Spacetex Air cover with perforated cooling gel memory foam.

Pressure Redistribution

With dual-layer foam, Respira Comfort provides enhanced pressure redistribution and support. The top layer of gel-infused memory foam contours to shape and cools, while the second layer provides postural support. 

Hand just above blue memory foam having just pressed into the foam, the foam still shows the shape of the hand

Low Shear

Spacetex Air Covers are made from 3D 4-way stretch air mesh with low shear lycra to provide a super low-friction support. Spacetex is also antimicrobial.

Respira Comfort Back front view

Opal Reflective Piping

Normally, the piping appears grey. When light hits the piping, it lights up and reflects for visibility.

Close up picture of a Respira Back showing the Opal Reflective Piping

Passive Ventilation

The Comfort Cover is engineered with perforated gel memory foam to allow air flow through the entire backrest.

Gel foam airflow


Active ventilation for microclimate control.

Clip-on fan quietly circulates air through the vented shell, padding and cover. 

Three Speeds

Low: 4500 RPM

Moderate: 6000 RPM

High: 7000 RPM

Respira Back with Fan and arrows showing airflow direction

Easy to Use

The fan can be charged with USB chargers, laptops, computers, power banks and other USB-enabled devices.

Respira Active Ventilation Fan

Fan mount

The fan mount bolts onto the shell and provides a secure mount for the microclimate control fan. 

Close up of a Respira Fan carbon fiber mount

Fan performance

  • Battery type: lithium polymer battery

  • Battery capacity: 4000mAH (3.7V / 14.8WH)

  • Working hours: low - 8 hours,
    moderate - 5 hours, high- 3.3 hours

  • Charging time: 3-4 hours

  • Product size: 109 * 80 * 49mm/4.29*3.15*1.93in

  • Packing size: 120 * 100 * 55mm/4.72*3.94*2.17in

  • Product weight: fan - 220g

  • Fan speeds: Low - 4500 rpm,
    Medium - 6000 rpm, High - 7000 rpm

Bolt-Action Mounts

Bolt-Action (BA) Mounts provide a solid and secure quick-release mounting system. Fully height, angle and offset adjustable, the 360˚ ball mounts allow for asymmetrical positioning of the back support.


Fixed Adjustable Mounts

Fixed Adjustable (FA) Mounts provide 360˚ of adjustment through the unique ball and socket hardware. The low-profile, rigid and high-strength FA Mounts are machined from aerospace-grade alloy.

FA Mount

Lateral Upper Body Support (L.U.B.S.)
Strong, versatile and easy to adjust lateral support.

L.U.B.S. Hardware

L.U.B.S. Swing Away Hardware is engineered for simple and versatile adjustment of lateral support.
The stainless steel construction ensures strength and durability, while the minimal design offers substantial adjustment.
L.U.B.S. can be fitted with planar foam lateral pads or Free Form custom molded pads.

Animation showing vertical adjustment of Lubs hardware
A picture of Lubs with no cover

L.U.B.S. 360˚ Planar

​Five different size pads are available. Each pad is mounted on a stainless steel ball and provides 360˚ of adjustment. 
Easily adjust the height, angle and depth of the pad without having to change where the hardware is mounted to the backrest.

L.U.B.S. Free Form

L.U.B.S. Free Form pads provide a mouldable solution for trunk support.
Available in 5 pre-configured ar
rays and with custom options also available. Each Free Form array comes with a padded cover.

A Lubs with Free Form array with 7 nodes


Width range: 12 - 20" (30cm - 51 cm)
Height range: 10 - 20" (25cm - 51 cm) 
Contour: 3 or 6" (7cm - 15 cm)

*Each size can fit a chair width 2 inches (5 cm) wider than specified shell width. 

Lower Thoracic Shell

Lower Thoracic
(10 -14" height)

Mid Thoracic Shell

Mid Thoracic
(14 -18" height)

Upper Thoracic Shell

Upper Thoracic
(20" height)

Upper Thoracic Deep Shell

Upper Thoracic Deep
(20" height)

Mid Thoracic Deep Shell

Mid Thoracic Deep
(14 -18" height)

Note: Sport Trim available only on lower and mid thoracic sizes.




Video Support


​ Product Information

  • Starting Retail Price: $1195

  • Product Height: Lower Thoracic: 10", 12", Mid Thoracic: 14", 16", 18", Upper Thoracic: 20"

  • Product Width: 12" to 20"

  • Product Weight: 1.1 lbs. and up (without hardware)

  • User Weight Capacity: 10" to 20" widths: 300 lbs.

 Product Options

  • Hardware Options: Fixed Adjustable (FA) Mounts or Bolt Action (BA) Mounts

  • Hardware Angle Adjustability: Multi axis 360°

  • Hardware Width Adjustability: +3"

  • Frame Tubing Compatibility: 3/4" to 1 1/8"

  • Headrest Mount Available: Yes

  • Shell: Perforated Lightweight Alloy, contoured

  • Lateral Contour Support: 3"

  • Deep Lateral Contour Support: 6"

  • Insert: 3/4" Stimulite or 1.5" perforated gel-infused visco foam

  • Outer Cover: Spacetex Silver or Spacetex Air

  • Optional Positioning Accessories: L.U.B.S. Lateral Support, Lumbar Bolster

  • Optional Accessories: Active Ventilation Fan


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