The Headmaster Collar

Cool. Lightweight. Low Profile.

The Headmaster Collar™ is the cervical collar of choice for low profile, lightweight, firm support for the head.

Light and airy, the cervical collar is covered in a soft, washable fabric in a variety of colours.

For 30 years, the Headmaster Collar has been the collar of choice for people requiring head and neck support as a result of:



Multiple Sclerosis

Dropped Head Syndrome (DHS)

Radiation Fibrosis Syndrome

Motor Neurone Disease

and many conditions resulting in neck muscle weakness


  • cool, comfortable head support with low heat retention

  • easy to put on and remove

  • low profile; unobtrusive appearance


  • choice of colours

  • easy to keep clean

  • improved breathing and swallowing by opening trachea and esophagus

  • firm support for the head

Benefits for the Fitter:

  • easy to fit (bend the cervical collar by hand to fit)

  • good access to a tracheal tube, if needed

  • accessories available to modify function

  • all parts for the cervical collar are available as replacements

  • Quick release velcro

  • One measurement to determine size (6 available sizes)

Headmaster Collar Accessories

Neck Pad

One mouldable pad placed centrally for posterior support.

Extension Pads

Two pads positioned for lateral support

Anterior Support

An add-on anterior tube (and chin pad) to give solid resistance against flexion. 
This Anterior Support should be removed if the cervical collar is used for transportation.

Replacement Neck Straps

Replacement Neck Straps (available in all colours). Sold separately.

Replacement Chin Pads

Replacement Chin Pads (available in all colours). Sold separately.


Headmaster Collar Sizing and Fitting

Dimension ‘a’ is the shortest distance under the jaw from the centre of the chin to the angle of the mandible.


Select the closest size Collar from the table above (Choose the smaller size if in doubt)

Bend the Collar to the desired height & width by hand.

  • It will stay in the shape you set it.

  • Bend the Collar to clear the clavicles (collar bones) if necessary.

  • A chin pad can be added to the chest portion of the Collar for extra padding if needed.

  • Use accessories for extra flexion and extension support.

Final Checks


  • Check that the Collar fits snugly under the chin.

  • The neckstrap should be around the back of the neck only.

  • For extra support use the Neck Pad or the Extension Pads (see accessories) to resist extension of the neck.

  • Use the Anterior Support to rigidify the Collar, if needed (see accessories).

Pediatric Headmaster Collars are softer and may be fitted to children needing head support as young as 6 months of age



The Headmaster Collar is now 100% Latex Free. 


"I am an OT in Alberta who works at the ALS Clinic in Calgary. I have been in this position for 5 years and have always found head drop a huge challenge with this population.  I use your Head Master collar on a regular basis but have recently discovered the anterior support piece accessory.  I have only fit it with two clients over the past couple weeks since receiving the pieces (we only purchased two to see how they work) and am thrilled to say they have both been fit with great success!  Thank you so much for your continued work.  This is a great product."

Available in Grey (-G), Beige (-B) or Black (-K)

Available in Grey (-G), Beige (-B) or Black (-K)

Available in Grey (-G), Beige (-B) or Black (-K)

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