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A woman wearing a red Canada jacket sitting in wheelchair using a Respira Back Support throwing a basketball
Rehabilitation technology. Engineered for enhancement.
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- Free Form Back Kits now available in 12"-14", 20"-22" and  22"-24" widths
- January 1st, 2023 - Free Form passes WC19 and ISO 16840-4 crash testing
- Strapparatus wins Mobility Management "Best New Trunk Positioning Device" Award
- New Mounting Hardware for Free Form: Fixed Adjustable hardware
- Respira Back Supports now available in select countries
- L.U.B.S. now available in select countries

Lateral Upper Body Supports


Free Form Seating
Complex Seating. Simplified

Free Form Back Kit in a Box

Savant Head Positioning 
Custom moldable gel head support.

Carbon Fibre Savant Headrest

Axion Rotary Interface
Rotation for your headrest. 

Rotating Headrest Mount called Axion Interface

Headrest Hardware
Dynamic, Flip Back and Kyphotic options.

A headrest called "Apex" mounted on the back of a wheelchair

Apex Headrest Pads. 
Premium plush head support. 

An Apex Headrest view from the back showing hardware
Senior woman sitting in wheelchair reading a tablet which is resting on an ADA Lap wheelchair tray

ADA Lap 
Wheelchair accessories.

TOT Collar
Treatment for torticollis.

A baby wearing a "Tot Collar", a clear tube which loops around the neck with a safety release

Headmaster Collar 
Lightweight head support. 

A woman wearing a grey "Headmaster Collar" head support around her neck


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