Free Form Seating

Free Form Back Kits

Everything needed for a custom back support, in one box.

Custom Seating. Simplified. 

Custom contoured backrests are easily and effectively accomplished with a Free Form Backrest Kit.


The shell can be increased or decreased in size to get the desired contouring. The width between the lateral supports, lumbar curve and upper thoracic region can all be quickly and easily fitted to the client.


Free Form Back Kits are an excellent solution for a scoliosis, kyphosis, weight fluctuations, and anyone who requires a custom moulded backrest.

Low Back Shell
Standard Back Shell
Each shape is available in three sizes.
Low Back Kits include:
Standard Back Kits include:
  • Free Form Shell

  • Cover

  • Pair of Independent Mounts

  • 4 mm hex key

  • Free Form Shell

  • Cover

  • Mounting Hardware (Choose either Centre Mount or Independent Mounts)

  • 4 mm hex key

  • Package of Alloy 2-Balls
  • Extra shell modules for adding additional support if needed
  • Extended screws for mounting accessories
Now HCPCS coded in the USA E2617 and E2609 Custom fabricated wheelchair back or seat, any size, any mounting hardware 

New option for Free Form Back Kits:

Free Form Back Kit Sizing

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Our products should only be prescribed and fitted by qualified health care professionals. Our products are not transport tested or approved for transport and we do not recommend they are used during transport. Custom wheelchair seating cannot be transport approved. Use of our products is at the user or caregiver's own risk. Users of our products should be supervised at all times.

Failure to comply with these warnings could result in serious bodily harm.