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Free Form Hardware & Accessories

Need help choosing? Read this to help decide which hardware is best suited to your needs:
Mounting Options
Independent Mounts

Independent Mounts attach to the Free Form Shell at two points.

They provide a minimal, versatile, quick release mounting option. 

Because this mounting system can mount near the sides of the Free Form Shell, they are a good option when the contouring in the centre section requires all Free Form modules to be free (e.g. a lordosis or kyphosis).


Part # FFIND (each, includes wheelchair clamp)

Free Form Seating Mount
Centre Mount Hardware

The Centre Mount Hardware attaches to the Free Form Shell at four points. Usually in the centre of the shell.


The Centre Mount Hardware give the fitter quick adjustment of the position of the Free Form Shell within the mobility device. When the two screws on the centre bracket are loosened, the shell can be moved vertically and horizontally and the angle can also be adjusted. 

The mounting bar is width adjustable to fit different widths of mounting canes.


The Centre Mount Hardware is available in four different sizes:

12" - 14"     31cm - 36cm

14" - 16"     36cm - 41cm

16" - 18"     41cm - 46cm

18" - 20"     46cm - 51cm

Free Form Seating Mount
Surface Mounts

Surface Mounts are a fixed mount. They do not allow for quick release. They are useful for mounting Free Form to a stroller base or rigid seat pan.


The mounting base of the Surface Mount is a pivoting ball joint and  this allows for many orientations. The mounting post is available in two different lengths. Surface Mounts attach to the shell with a mounting plate at two points. The plate can be bent to match the contour of the shell. 

Free Form Seating Mount
Flat Plate Mount

The Flat Plate Mounts are used when there are no tubes to attach a receiver to. They can be bolted to a solid surface or flat back plate and used with Independent Mounts.

Part #: FFFPM

Free Form Flat Mount Adapter

The Vertical Adapter provides a vertical receiver on a horizontal tube. Useful for Free Form seats and Full Body Systems. Compatible with Independent Mounts and Centre Mounts.

Part #: FFVER

Vertical Adapter
Free Form Accessories and Tools
Alignment Jig

The Alignment Jig is a tool used to configure Free Form into sheets and other shapes. It is a useful tool for workshops to store extra Free Form.

When the clamps, Modules and connecting balls are placed into the Alignment Jig, it allows for easy reconfiguring of spare pieces. 

Part #: FFJIG

Universal Headrest Mounting Plate

The Universal Headrest Mounting Plate attaches to a Free Form system at three points. Pre-threaded holes allow for mounting of all major manufacturers of headrests. 

Each Plate is supplied with three extended length screws for mounting to Free Form and four screws for mounting headrest stem receivers.

Part #: FFHMP

Alloy 2-Balls

Alloy 2-Ball units can be used to strengthen and rigidify the shell. They replace the standard connectors. 

Part #: FFA2BU

Hex Keys

The 4mm is for the Free Form shell and mounting hardware and the 5mm is for the vertical adapters. Extras are available upon request. 

Free Form Seating Alignment Jig
Universal Headrest Mounting Plate
Free Form Tools
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