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Free Form Fit Kits

Form custom backs, seats or full body systems.

Complex Seating. Simplified. 

Free Form Seating Fit Kits are kits consisting of a Free Form sheet, Mounting Hardware, accessories and tools.

There are three different Fit Kits available. The Fit Kits are the best option for fitting complex custom shapes for wheelchair seating.

Free Form Full Body Seating
Janet's Picture August 2015 116.jpg
Janet's Picture August 2015 117.jpg

Note about Covers and Padding:

Covering and padding a custom system is typically done by the seating clinic or provider. A variety of foams and cover materials can be used to give the user the appropriate seating system.


We recommend making the cover and padding as thin as possible.

Pressure redistribution and areas of relief can be contoured by adjusting the shell, rather than adding thick foam or padding. Modules can also be completely removed for total off-loading in areas of a bony prominence, high risk of skin breakdown or existing breakdown.

PLEASE NOTE: Items shown are not to scale

Custom Wheelchair Seating


  • Free Form Sheet Size 23" X 20" (58cm X50cm)

  • 4mm Hex Key

  • 2 Alloy Stays

  • 2 Independent Mounts

  • Alloy 2-Ball Links

Essentials Kit

Custom Wheelchair Seating

Base Kit


  • Free Form Sheet Size 23" X 32" (58cm X 81cm)

  • 4mm Hex Key

  • 2 Alloy Stays

  • 4 Independent Mounts

  • 2 Vertical Adapters

  • Alloy 2-Ball Links

Custom Wheelchair Seating

Full Fit Kit


  • Free Form Sheet Size 23" X 40" (58cm X100cm)

  • 4mm Hex Key

  • 5mm Hey Key

  • 6 Alloy Stays

  • 6 Independent Mounts

  • 4 Vertical Adapters

  • Alloy 2-Ball Links

  • Universal Headrest Mounting Plate

  • Twin Headrest Hardware

  • Upholstery Kit (Not Shown)

  • Packet of 25 2-Ball Units (Not Shown)

  • Packet of 35 Edge Balls (Not Shown)

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