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We love to hear your feedback!  Please feel free to drop us a line and tell us about your experience with your Savant Headrest.

A man in a wheel chair slumped forward in a wheelchair
A man in a wheel chair sitting upright with a Savant Headrest with head band holding his head in place.

"You can see from the pictures of Paul just why we love the head rest.  I am a physio and actually do seating at work so I appreciate that if the head is in alignment the rest of the body works much better.


Anyway, with the head rest Paul can see where he's going and relate to his environment and everyone else.  He attends a Young Adult Day Support Program and everyone there was thrilled to see his face.  Paul has difficulty speaking and swallowing.  Having his head up right helps the speech, driving and general function.  We do have to remove the band when he is eating.  Because of the choking risk, it is necessary to tilt his chin down to swallow without aspirating.


For me, the biggest relief is as I said driving down the Deerfoot (North/South rapid route through Calgary, 110 km/hr)  I guess I could have taken more pictures but I hate to emphasize Paul's limitations to him.  He is in a tilt recline chair.  With traditional head rests--the head rest is there but his head is not in it very often.  When he reclines if we were lucky his head landed in the head rest but did not stay in it for long, it would roll out to his left.  This meant he couldn't be left alone at home, or in the wheelchair van he was actually in danger of breaking his neck with the bouncing of the van and his head hanging off the head rest to the side.


His head still slips out of the Savant when he reclines fully but I can't see how this could be avoided with the tilt/recline. However !!!!! when he does unrecline, his head slips back in.  Also--the Savant has taught him to press his head back into the head rest instead of pulling forward.  (As a therapist I have experienced that 80% of patients tend to pull forward in the w/c instead of relaxing back.)  With using this head rest Paul is actually starting to relax back."

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